President’s Message

Jeff Forman - President of ASHRAE COK Chapter
By: Jeff Forman

February 4, 2019

    Hard to believe January 2019 is already behind us, but once the “HVAC New Year” kicks off with the Winter Conference our schedules seem to fill up quickly.  If you measure success in participation, your chapter was blessed with a significant number of students attending the Winter Conference in Atlanta.  Several COK members attended Dr. Bradshaw (OSU), Dr. Cai (OU) and Omar Sarfraz (OSU) research presentations and helped the entire student group feel welcome by taking a break from the show and providing lunch.  Dr. Song from OU and our student member’s show below OSU and OU can unite behind a common purpose – food and HVAC!

COK members and OU OSU students at 2019 winter conference

    This week will be very busy hosting the ASHRAE Society President Sheila Hayter at our February chapter meeting, featuring an ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer (DL) Randy Zimmerman from Titus.  Don’t forget we are at a new meeting location – Francis Tuttle, Reno Campus.

    Before our chapter meeting, starting at 9am, we will be touring the Nortek Coil Manufacturing facility at 5510 SW 29th Street, Oklahoma City followed by a trip to the Tulsa AAON lab in the afternoon from 3-5pm.  Wednesday evening we will join NEOK ASHRAE chapter’s meeting so Sheila can visit both of us before she departs.  All members are welcome for the tours and the evening meeting in Tulsa, in fact several student members have already made plans.  Invite a guest and come join us!

Character Commitment Community

Character - the inward values that determine outward actions

Commitment - to be engaged, involved, available and to persevere

Community - to work together, to give back and to focus on others

Character Topic of the Month:

Flexibility vs. Stubbornness – Willingness to change plans or ideas without getting upset.

    How often does your day end up going as planned?  Do you become frustrated when your idea or plan is not adopted over another?  In our HVAC business, one never knows when a piece of mechanical equipment decides to break down and immediately your day’s priorities change.  Of course planning is important, but being flexible in today’s ever changing, accelerating world is equally a key character trait to practice.  In fact, “flexible” manufacturing cells designed to produce more than one product in the same space are often key elements in a modern lean manufacturing environment.

    Flexibility requires energy and intentional consideration.  Just like our bodies, flexibility does not improve with age unless you determine to become more flexible and stretch yourself.  Although you may not be rolling out your yoga mat right now reading this, becoming more flexible will not only help you but also help those friends, coworkers and family around you accomplish their goals!

- Jeff Forman, ASHRAE Central Oklahoma Chapter President 

ASHRAE Mission:
To advance the arts and sciences of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration to serve humanity and promote a sustainable world.

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