Monthly President’s Message

Madison Schultz - President of ASHRAE COK Chapter
By: Madison Schultz

December 4, 2019



Hello ASHRAEcok Family!

I am super excited to serve as your President this year! My goal for the year is to Empower Members. We are lucky to have so many wonderful volunteers helping this year so this year will be jampacked with events; I hope to see you at many of them.

I have a big shout-out this month:

I want to thank Dusty Stoabs for serving as the Chapter Historian. Dusty has consistently and quietly carried on the work of preserving and reviving our chapter history for the past few years. In addition, he also serves as the Historian for Region VIII. So not only does he author works worthy of the Lou Flagg Award, he also helps other chapters attain that award as well. He is a Past President of the Central Oklahoma Chapter and has, thankfully, stayed very engaged over the years. His steady leadership is a huge asset to our chapter, and I am personally very grateful for his counsel. Thank you Dusty!

Update on the state energy code! Byron Hughes (Government Affairs Committee (GAC) Chair) and I attended the Oklahoma Uniform Building Code Commission (OUBCC) meetings in October and November to encourage the adoption of the 2018 family of International Codes. There has been progress in this effort! The OUBCC voted on two motions. The first is forming a technical committee to review, modify, and ultimately recommend to legislature to adopt the 2018 family of International Codes for commercial buildings with the exception of the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC). You may think, “Wait, that doesn’t sound like a win.” The win came with the second motion. The OUBCC will be forming a technical committee to present the differences among the 2012, 2015, and 2018 versions of he IECC to the OUBCC. Then, the OUBCC plans to chose which energy code they will investigate and recommend that legislature adopts. This is the most progress that state has made in over eight years! If you are interested in serving on the technical committee, check the OUBCC website for calls for volunteers. All technical committee meetings are open to the public and a schedule will be posted on their website as well. I look forward to seeing the state adopt a more modern energy code.

We had a huge turnout at the Sustainability event this month. Thirteen people attended the river clean up. This included four students and one enthusiastic child of an ASHRAE member!

The chapter has an extensive slate of programs this year. These include providing funding to students to attend the Winter Conference and AHR Expo, sponsoring lunch for Student Branch Meetings, scholarships, partial funding to send volunteers to training, and so much more. To fully fund all of our programs, we need to raise almost $4,000. The Board of Governors and a few select committee chairs will be contacting companies who have staff that are current ASHRAE members to see if they are interested in helping. We have an opportunity available for a single donor to be the ASHRAEcok Patron which will fully fund all of our programs this year. All other donors can contribute as much as they want to ASHRAEcok and chose how they want to be recognized. If you or your company are interested in participating, please shoot me a quick email or text.

The change in Chapter Meeting venue has brought a few opportunities for improvement. Namely, sound issues. A small delegation of us met with the Will Rogers Theater staff to try to address those issues. We believe we have a resolution and will be implementing the solution at the upcoming Chapter Meeting. I am very excited to see all of you at our Chapter Meeting this month. I am pleased to welcome our featured speaker, Leanne Sutton. Ms. Sutton is the product manager for VAV Diffusers, Underfloor Air Distribution, and Displacement Ventilation for Titus. She will be presenting VAV Diffuser Systems vs Traditional VAV Box Systems. As a reminder, our new location is Will Rogers Theater at 4322 N Western Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73118.

All the committee chairs are hard at work planning spectacular events for the year. Please reach out if you want to get engaged with all they are doing or if you have an idea for an event or activity that will empower members.


Jeremy Wood (ECC/Webmaster) & Kaylee Oliver (Social Media) - 2018-2019 EC Excellence WinnerRegion VIII ECC Excellence-Winner '18-'19

Michael Wilson - 2017-2018 EC Excellence Honorable MentionRegion VIII ECC Excellence-Honorable Mention '17-'18

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