My name is Caleb Spradlin and I am this year’s YEA (Young Engineers in ASHRAE) committee chair. The goal of YEA is to get younger ASHRAE members familiar with ASHRAE and the industry. We do this through social events where we bring not only young people together, but introduce them to leaders in the industry as well. We also do this through technical tours and classes aimed at people new to the industry. We encourage all of our young members to join us at these events.

We have an event every month. I will advertise the events here in the newsletter. Anyone who is interested in coming, YEA member or not, is free to come. We would like our younger members to get to know others who have been in the industry for a while in addition to getting to know each other. I will also send out an email advertisement to all of our YEA members for each event. So be looking for those!

We hope to see you come out and join us this year!

To contact me, please email me at [email protected]


  Last Updated: 08/26/2017