Research Promotion

What Would would the world look like without ASHRAE Research? What would the world look like without ASHRAE Research? Since its beginnings in 1919, ASHRAE Research has grown and expanded to address the ever changing questions and topics facing both its members and the HVAC&R Industry and the world as a whole.

The ASHRAE Handbook is constantly evolving to address these new challenges, fueled by the knowledge and principals developed through ASHRAE Research. As the focus of the industry has evolved from home refrigeration and food safety to improved indoor air quality to sustainability and energy efficiency, this four-volume series continues to be the cornerstone in every ASHRAE Member’s career. The power behind ASHRAE Research and the four-volume Handbook comes directly from YOU: your financial support is the driving force behind every research project conducted world wide; your financial investment is an investment in the future of the HVAC&R industry; your donation to ASHRAE Research fills the more than 3,600 Handbook pages.

What would the ASHRAE Handbook look like without your support of ASHRAE Research? Take a look at just one chapter and imagine a world without this guidance from ASHRAE over the last 90 years. Research Promotion Committee THANK YOU!

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In 2011/2012 the Board of Governors voted to establish a permanent Research Promotion Memorial Endowment in the initial amount of $2,500 to honor the past “giants” of our chapter. This endowment will return 5% of its principle to our Chapter’s Research Promotion Campaign every year starting next year.