President’s Message

Jeff Forman - President of ASHRAE COK Chapter
By: Jeff Forman

January 4, 2019

     I hope everyone found time during the holiday season to rest and recharge for another New Year.  We have an exciting 2019 planned starting off with the ASHRAE Winter conference held in Atlanta, GA this year.  Your Student Activities committee has again been working with OSU and OU and we have several students (think future ASHRAE members!) making the trip to the conference.  OSU is planning on one graduate student and a team of undergraduate students traveling with Dr. Christian Bach, Dr. Craig Bradshaw and others.  Dr. Cai from OU indicated there will be 5 students attending this year.  If you feel led individually or as a company, the professors and students would certainly appreciate any monies to help offset travel expenses.  During our budgeting process earlier this year, as a chapter we increased our amount to help these students to $2900.

     After the Winter Conference stay connected with our social media, website and meetings because we have several upcoming events planned like spouses/social night at Remington Park, the annual RP Clay Shoot, Sustainability events like Rebuilding Together, GAC Day on the Hill and YEA events.  And remember we will have the current Society President Shelia Hayter attending our February meeting and past Society President and Distinguished Lecturer Tim Wentz presenting at our final May meeting at MetroTech south campus.

     Finally, be sure to invite someone and plan to attend this month’s chapter meeting as we will be presenting the Nominating Committee’s 2019-2020 ASHRAE year officers and Board of Governors for your vote and election.  Also if you’ve ever had a problem project with vibration or noise, or if you’d just like to learn more about acoustics and vibration in our HVAC industry, you don’t want to miss this month’s speaker and my friend – Mark Fly, the former Director of Engineering for AAON, now the Executive Director of AAON’s Norman Asbjornson Innovation Center lab.

Character Commitment Community

Character - the inward values that determine outward actions

Commitment - to be engaged, involved, available and to persevere

Community - to work together, to give back and to focus on others

Character Topic of the Month:

Determination vs. Faintheartedness – Purposing to accomplish the right goals at the right time, regardless of the opposition..

     With the start of the New Year, there is never a better time to consider determination in your plans.  The opposite of determination is faintheartedness, and it can creep up on anyone when we are faced with obstacles, delays, fears, challenges and a long difficult path where we cannot see how we can reach our goals.  It’s at this point where we need to decide and continue moving with purposefulness and faith, spiritual faith and faith in our abilities, our friends, our family and our teammates/workmates.

     Besides each of us having challenges in common, notice determination also involves not only the “right” goals but also the “right” time.  So as you consider your 2019 plans or New Year’s resolutions, spend some time considering if the goals you are considering are the correct ones and if your expectations of meeting those goals are timely.  Determine to have a great 2019!

- Jeff Forman, ASHRAE Central Oklahoma Chapter President 

ASHRAE Mission:
To advance the arts and sciences of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration to serve humanity and promote a sustainable world.

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