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ASHRAE Government Affairs Update, 1/30/2015

Federal Activities

For additional information on federal issues, please contact Mark Ames, ASHRAE’s Senior Manager of Federal Government Affairs, at [email protected].


President Obama to Send FY 2016 Budget Request to Congress

For those of you that revel in federal funding numbers, one of the most exciting seasons is about to begin! On Monday, February 2, President Barack Obama will issue his budget request to Congress for fiscal year 2016, which will lay out both general policy priorities as well as proposed funding for specific federal agency activities and programs.

While the President’s budget request will unleash a torrent of debate on Capitol Hill and among the private sector, because both the House and Senate are controlled by Republicans, there is little likelihood that the President’s preferred funding levels will be enacted. That said, the budget request will act as a powerful force in framing the debate, and serve as a platform for announced and potential Presidential candidates to discuss their visions for the country’s future.

Analyses of the President’s budget request will be contained in future editions of the Update. The President’s budget request for fiscal year 2016 will be available on Monday, February 2 at   


DOE Seeks Public Comment on Second Quadrennial Technology Review Framing Document

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has issued a request for public comment on the Framing Document for the second Quadrennial Technology Review (QTR). The 2015 QTR will build upon the 2011 QTR, addressing technological changes that have taken place and focusing U.S. energy challenges. The 2015 QTR will also discuss research and development opportunities and strategies in a number of areas, including: increasing the efficiency of building systems and technologies, modernizing electric power systems, manufacturing efficiency, and advancing clean transportation.

Comments are due on or before February 20, 2015. Full information is available at

The Framing Document can be found at (PDF)


DOE Issues Final Rule on Energy Conservation Standards for Automatic Commercial Ice Makers

The U.S. Department of Energy has issued a final rule on energy conservation standards for automatic commercial ice makers, which discusses ASHRAE Standard 29 Methods of Testing Automatic Ice Makers. Full information is available at


GGAC Regional and Chapter Activities

For additional information on state, local, and international government affairs, please contact Jim Scarborough, ASHRAE’s Manager of Grassroots Government Affairs, at [email protected].


National Engineers Week is February 22-28, 2015

Time is running out! Has your Chapter prepared for Engineers Week? Have you approached your elected leaders asking for a proclamation? EWeek this year is February 22-28. Chapters earn PAOE points when elected or appointed officials issue proclamations at the request of the Chapter. Any proclamations issued due to Chapter involvement should be forwarded to [email protected]. Promotional materials, including a draft proclamation with cover letter, are available on the ASHRAE Grassroots Government Activities Committee webpage. Please visit


ASHRAE Merging Advocacy and Grassroots Government Activities Committees

ASHRAE took additional steps to finalize the merger of the Advocacy and Grassroots Government Activities Committee at the 2015 Winter Meeting in Chicago. This merger, which will be effective July 1, 2015, will bring all advocacy and government affairs under one umbrella throughout the Society. The new committee, to be named the Grassroots Government Advocacy Committee, will continue to include one Regional Vice Chair from each of the 14 ASHRAE Regions. Additionally, the merged committee will be chaired by a Presidential Member and include the Chairs of the three standing ASHRAE Councils (Publishing and Education, Technical, and Members Councils) as members. 

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