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December 2017 Chapter Meeting


December 06, 2017
11:30 AM to 1:00 PM
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50 Penn Place, 3rd Floor Retail
50 Penn Place
Oklahoma City, OK 73118

About the Topic: 

This presentation briefly describes what UV-C energy is and how it’s produced. It touches on how UV-C has been used for nearly 100 years to destroy microorganisms on surfaces and in air. It will illustrate how UV-C is currently used to provide a “Green”, non-chemical method of stripping dirt and grime from coil and drain pan surfaces without residue. Case studies will be provided along with the simple methods used to validate their aging HVAC systems return to near new performance. Suggestions will be made on how to take advantage of this increased performance to save energy. We will also discuss current standards and guidelines within ASHRAE, UL and ISO.

About the Speaker: Dean Saputa

Mr. Saputa has been active for over 25 years in the HVAC industry with an emphasis in air and surface treatment and cleaning technology. He is a managing partner with UV Resources, a leading manufacturer of UV-C products for the HVAC&R industry that provide surface and airborne microbial control and organic materials decontamination. Mr. Saputa is a Member of ASHRAE and is actively involved in several committees; he is the recent past Chair of ASHRAE Technical Committee-2.9 (Ultraviolet Air and Surface Treatment); Chair of ASHRAE, SPC-185 (Method of Testing Ultraviolet Lamps), Founder and Secretary of ASHRAE GPC-37, Guidelines for the Application of Upper-Air (Upper Room) Ultraviolet Germicidal (UV-C) Devices to Control the Transmission of Airborne Pathogens. He is a contributing author of the 2015 ASHRAE Application Handbook, chapter 60: “Ultraviolet Air and Surface Treatment” and the 2016 ASHRAE Fundamentals Handbook, chapter 17: “Ultraviolet Lamp Systems”. He was a contributing author for ASHRAE’s position document titled “Filtration and Air Cleaning” that was published in January of 2015. 


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