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Newer members to our chapter may not realize that our chapter is one of the oldest chapters west of the Mississippi River.  It was established in 1935.  Members may also not realize how our chapter has been a pioneer in ASHRAE.  The following tells the story of how our society had its first regional meeting (now known as CRC – Chapters Regional Conference), as opposed to national meetings only, here in Oklahoma City in 1955, 57 years ago.

I found a treasure among old files which Bobby Vermillion, our historian for many years, had compiled.  It is a Sou’Wester newsletter from 1955.  It tells the whole story.  The link (see below) to our chapter’s website allows you to view this issue, which was edited by Bill Collins, our “Mr. ASHRAE” chapter member who went on to become society president.

Background:  (period around 1955) Our society was known as ASHVE (V for ventilating) from 1895 until 1954.  This was changed to ASHAE in 1955, later to ASHRAE.   Other changes came.  The following paragraph comes from “History Recalled” the wonderful chapter history booklet (posted in PDF format on our chapter website).  It states on page 9:

“With membership increasing and more chapters being established, the age-old practice of having the Society President visit each chapter during his tenure in office became burdensome, and so the (Society) Council voted to adopt a Regional Plan with the Society being divided into regions, so that offices other than the President could share in the policy of chapter visits.  Whether Regional Meetings could be held successfully was a concern of the Council, and the Oklahoma Chapter offered to act as a guinea pig and host a trial balloon Regional Meeting.”

Click here to view the May 1955 issue of our chapter newsletter and read about “the experiment”.  Let’s keep that same pioneer spirit as we progress this year.

Alan Loeffler
Chapter Historian



Updated 11-20-12