Student Activities

We are pleased to announce that we have selected our first Student Protégé for our ASHRAE chapter, and it is Nirav Modi.  Nirav is a graduate student at The University of Oklahoma and is working on research in refrigerants.  We are the first ASHRAE Chapter to implement the Student Protégé program, and the Regional Leadership, along with the Central Oklahoma Chapter, is excited to begin this pilot program.

We potentially have thirteen student members from Oklahoma State University and The University of Oklahoma attending the Winter Conference in Chicago, January 20-24.  If you are a member that will be attending, please keep an eye out for our student members and make them feel welcome and comfortable, especially if you are a veteran of attending this conference.

Because of the expense of attending the Winter Conference, we are asking for members willing to donate to help offset the cost for a student to attend.  There is no minimum amount to donate and this donation will help offset lodging, dining and travel costs for the students.  Please contact Stephanie Thomas if you are interested.

In February, we are planning on a tour of the Central Plant at Chesapeake Energy’s Data Center.  This will be a late afternoon tour and is highly recommended.  Watch for further information.

On December 6, 2017, we will see the finished OSU Senior Design Competitions that were partially funded with ASHRAE research dollars.  These projects included characterization of fans and duct fittings, water source heat pumps and thermal storage, and compressors. These have been great hands-on projects that the students are learning how these systems operate beyond the theory of operation.

If you know of any K-12 STEM activities that we can volunteer to help, please let us know.

Robert Smith,

Scott Sanders,

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 Last Updated: 12/02/2017