President’s Message

By: Damon McClure

Hello Central Oklahoma Chapter. Our chapter is thriving based on several developments that we are currently working on and it will contnue to grow in a positve directon. We have several dedicated BOG members, chairs, members, and volunteers that make our chapter great year afer year; and I am extremely fortunate to have the group of commitee
chairs and board members that are serving our chapter this year. These volunteers have made my job signifcantly easier, and ofer excellent insight and ideas on not only maintaining our chapter’s long history of success, but improving on it as well. We have several interestng chapter meetng programs, a few resourceful tours, and some great ideas that should build on our strong chapter foundaton and hopefully push the envelope of chapter development in our region.

Our frst chapter meetng of this ASHRAE year was very insightul and well atended. We had an atendance of 60+ members, guests, and roughly 5-6 student members. The topic of “Recent Trends in Laboratory Exhaust Systems” was well presented and relevant to several projects currently in our market base, as there are numerous university and corporate lab projects under design, out for bid, or under constructon. November’s presenter, ASHRAE Distnguished Lecturer (DL) Chris Mathis, will be speaking about ASHRAE’s fagship standard, Standard 90.1. Mr. Mathis will focus on the connectons between buildings and their energy use, as well as other social and environmental objectves. Please remember this program is not on our typical Wednesday meetng day or locaton. The program is Thursday November 2, @11:30am located at Capitol Hill Library, 327 SW 27th Street, OKC, OK 73109. Our February chapter program will serve two purposes; a regular chapter meetng and also a tour of a state of-the-art facility.

Our primary tour this year is a tour of the Chesapeake Energy Corporaton Informaton Technology Computng Center (ITCC) and Central Plant. This facility, with a combined area of 81,714 sq. f. is the only Uptme Insttute Tier III Certfed Designed and Constructed data center in Oklahoma. It has a mechanical and electrical N+1 specifcaton with three (3) independent distributon paths, sized to support 50% of the facility, consistng of 320 server cabinets with an ultmate IT capacity of 2,900 kW covering 12,000 square feet of raised data center foor. The Tier III ratng ensures redundancy of 99.67% in the N+1 specifcaton, which will be on display as we tour the Central Plant and Data Center’s unique mechanical galleries and mechanical rooms. These critcal operaton features will be showcased in an open forum/round table discussion with the owner’s facility operaton staf and the local engineer of the Central Plant. Since the facility is privately owned, the opportunity to tour this setng is limited at best. However, based on our chapter’s intuitve concepts and through a unique partnership with facility group leadership, we are privileged to share this opportunity with our members and student members.

One of the chapter’s imprints was briefy mentoned in last month’s President Message. Our work and correspondence with Dr. Bach, Dr. Bradshaw, Dr. Fisher, and Dr. Spitler for the Thermal Systems Senior Design Compettons (MAE 4344) contnues through December. The undergraduate students have developed their respectve duct work learning designs,
and fabricaton of each system’s ductwork is underway. The experimental setup will eventually be utlized to demonstrate duct ftngs’ efect on pressure drop and fan curve. This is just one of the developing ideas our chapter leadership is delving into as this year ramps up. We are also utlizing new Research Promotons (RP) ideas, such as partnering with a local dining establishment, The Garage, for “Eat at the Garage Night”. This mutually benefcial pairing will take place on 10/30/17 from 4:30pm to 7:30pm at The Garage restaurant in Edmond. The Garage will donate 10% of its sales of food and drinks from 4:30 to 730 pm to ASHRAE COK. This will be paired with the YEA Event. Our chapter has intensifed the focus on Student Actvites with two key items that could have a lastng impact at a Regional or Society level. First, we have potentally identfed our frst candidate for the inaugural year of the Chapter’s pilot program enttled The Student Protégé Program. This program will pair student(s) and our Chapter’s Ofcers in an efort to help maintain and transiton from involvement at a student chapter level to involvement at chapter level. Secondly, we are focused on communicaton with the regional and society leaders regarding the potental impact of providing student
memberships for trade unions and their associated trade schools. The premise is those individuals enrolled in the trade school apprentceship program would be more likely to stay within the HVAC/R industry for the length of their careers.

To conclude, I am grateful that I am surrounded by members and volunteers that share the same tenacity and focus as the notable chapter leaders and chairs before us. From the several topics discussed above we have a vast number of roles and tasks to complete this year. If you are interested in being involved please contact me, any of the ofcers, or any of the associated chapter chairs. We will contnue doing our part to cultvate and innovate the chapter’s approach to its mission…“Contribute. Purpose.”.

 CRC 2016

ASHRAE Mission:
To advance the arts and sciences of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration to serve humanity and promote a sustainable world.

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